Knotts Berry Farm Wait Times

Being a popular theme park, Knott’s Berry Farm sees thousands of visitors each day.

Particularly on holidays and weekends, Knott’s Berry Farm wait times for popular rides can get extremely long and boring. 

Wait times at Knott’s Berry Farm can go up to two to four hours for roller coasters and other thrill rides like Calico River Rapids.

The average wait times at Knott’s Berry Farm are different for different days, times of day and rides.

In general, Knott’s Berry Farm wait times for rides are lower before 2 pm and after 6 pm.

The following are the average popular Knott’s Berry Farm rides wait time during crowded days. 

Ride Wait time
GhostRider2 to 2.5 hours
Pony Express1.5 to 2 hours
Silver Bullet1.5 to 2 hours
Montezooma: The Forbidden Fortress1 to 2 hours
Jaguar!1 to 2 hours
Bigfoot Rapids1 to 2 hours
Coast Rider1 to 2 hours
Xcelerator1 to 2 hours
HangTime 1 to 2 hours
Timber Mountain Log Ride60 to 90 minutes 
Calico Mine Ride60 to 90 minutes 

Using apps or online websites, you can track Knott’s Berry Farm live wait times for several rides. 

Websites like Queue Times and IsItPacked will help you get live updates on Knott’s Berry Farm line wait times.

Apart from their official app, you can download other third-party Knott’s Berry Farm wait times apps to track crowds and get current wait times Knott’s Berry Farm.

Featured Image: Behindthethrills.com

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