Knott’s Berry Farm Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an occasion every year when couples look to dedicate the day to each other and spend time together to make fond memories.

They come up with various plans to make sure that the day is entertaining, fulfilling, and brings them closer.

Planning a similar vacation of your own? We have a suggestion for a trip that would be enjoyable and give you a good time together.

Knott’s Berry Farm and the various activities at the park are options you can choose for a fun and special visit.

Enjoy various rides, attractions and more as a couple in what promises to be a day out that is equal parts entertaining and romantic.

The Knott’s Berry Farm Valentine’s Day trip will fly by as you spend time with your partner and indulge in various joyful activities.

Get more information about Knott’s Berry Farm with this article for a wholesome and bonding trip on a day all about love.


What all to do at Knott’s Berry Farm? Start off with some gaming. There are many arcades and boardwalk games to play at the park.

Go up against your loved one in a little friendly competition in games such as foosball and air hockey.

In the park, there are multiple carnival-like games where you can win a prized possession for your significant other.

Your Valentine’s Day at Knott’s Berry Farm can thus start off with an adorable stuffed toy or a light-hearted duel between lovers.


Food feels warmer and tastes sweeter when enjoyed with a loved one. Help yourself to a big assortment of meals at the park.

With nearly two dozen locations for food in the park, you will find an appealing option following you throughout the park.

Enjoy tasty food and drinks with your partner to keep going strong for the day. A recommended experience is Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner.

The delicious food in a romantic setting with a calming ambiance makes for a top-class, intimate moment. You can enjoy an amazing dinner in privacy.

If you’re craving something lighter, the park also has plenty of snacks for you to munch on.

Couples can take the sweetness of the day to the next level by tasting stuffed churros, funnel cakes, boysenberry ice cream and fudge of many different types.

The desserts look good and taste even better. The way to the heart goes through the stomach and the park has enough options to take you safely through that journey.


How could we forget the rides? The main event of your outing, jump onto the rides at Knott’s Berry Farm for more fun together.

Enjoy all the thrilling, riveting rides with your special someone by your side. 

Use the fear of the thrill rides to bring you closer together as you take on the adventurous rides to continue your Knott’s Berry Farm Valentine’s Day date.

Rides can help add many memories to your time together and make for a hearty, entertaining time that gives you a warm feeling of togetherness.

There are multiple rides of all types. Roller coasters, water rides, carousels and more make for an exciting time.

Celebrate love and thrills at Knott’s Berry Farm this Valentine’s Day with the entry ticket, offering a perfect blend of romance and exciting adventures for you and your special someone.


A good thing about choosing an amusement park for Valentine’s Day is that you can get multiple activities done at the same place.

Along with riding daring and entertaining rides and eating delectable food, you also get to indulge in couples shopping.

The park features several shops selling a variety of items. Get a romantic gift for your only one, or take a souvenir for both of you as a mark of this exceptional day.

The park also offers clothing, accessories, jellies, games and more. Get a matching item to cement the memory of a beautiful Knott’s Berry Farm Valentine’s Day outing.


If you’re looking to save the memories of your trip so that they last a long time, the simplest and most optimal way of doing so is photos.

Clicking photos around the park near beautiful spots or even on the rides is a great way to take the moment home with you.

You can also take photos in Ghost Town or with your favorite characters. Capture your happy moments together with your partner to cherish them for a long time.

The photos document your joy, excitement, fear, happiness and a special day out where you focus only on your loved one.


The park keeps things fresh with frequent new and special themes for various occasions. Catch the themes and everything related to them on your date.

The park has the concept of “Seasons of Fun,” which means that when you visit for your special trip, there is a chance the park will be themed according to a “season”.

Explore the merchandise, decorations and food and drinks exclusive to the season. There are also themed shows that take place as a part of the setting.

Enjoy this little twist to the park proceedings, which enhances the overall experience for visitors.

Currently, the “Peanuts Celebration” event is planned from 27 January to 25 February, so it would overlap with Valentine’s Day.

It is a family-friendly event celebrating the characters of Charles M. Schulz’s comic “PEANUTS”.

You can click photos with the “PEANUTS” characters and indulge in shows and other activities along with your love.

At Knott’s Berry Farm, Valentine’s Day weekend is not busier than usual, which means that you can enjoy a merry time with your partner in the park without having to worry about overcrowding and missing out on something.

With the various gaming, eating, shopping and entertainment options, Knott’s Berry Farm presents a strong case to be a destination for a Valentine’s Day outing.

Enjoy a romantic day with your partner along with all the features and the theme of the park for a special and charming experience.


Is Knott’s Berry Farm open on Valentine?

Knott’s Berry Farm is up and running on Valentine’s Day. 

In fact, it is open every day of the year except Christmas, so planning a romantic getaway won’t be a problem.

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