Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets Fast Pass

Popular Southern California entertainment park Knott’s Berry Farm is well-known for its exhilarating rides and attractions. 

However, lengthy wait times for popular attractions can be a considerable annoyance, costing visitors precious time. Skip the queue tickets can help with that. 

Visitors can skip the lines and directly access all the rides and attractions by purchasing Knott’s Berry Farm skip the line tickets. 

These skip the line tickets enable visitors to make the most of their time in the park and take advantage of Knott’s Berry Farm‘s thrilling adventures. 

To have a stress-free and delightful vacation, consider buying Knott’s Berry Farm skip the line tickets if you plan a park trip.

What to expect from Knott’s Berry Farm skip the line tickets?

What to expect from Knott’s Berry Farm skip the line tickets
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With Knott’s Berry Farm skip the line tickets, guests can easily skip the lines at well-liked rides and attractions. 

These tickets will allow guests to maximize their time in the park and save significant time. 

They can also escape the aggravation of standing in lengthy lines, making their vacation joyful and stress-free.

These tickets also enable guests to organize their day better and set priorities for the rides and attractions they want to experience. 

Overall, purchasing skip the line tickets for Knott’s Berry Farm is a fantastic way to make your trip to the park more memorable.


All park guests can purchase skip the queue passes to Knott’s Berry Farm. 

They are available for purchase at the park’s ticket booths or online

The tickets can be coupled with other entrance packages to create a unique experience. 

They are offered in various choices, including single-day and multi-day passes. 

The park also provides accessible services for impaired visitors, such as accessible parking, wheelchair and mobility scooter rentals, and special help for boarding rides. 

Knott’s Berry Farm is dedicated to accessibility and works to ensure every visitor has a good time.

Bypass the ticket counter and scan your smartphone ticket at the turnstile instead.

Park staff may ask you to present a photo ID.

Knott’s Berry Farm will no longer accept cash. Pay using credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay is only possible. It is always secure and faster. 

Cash-to-Cash is loaded onto a card used outside the park at card kiosks. You can place any sum between $1 and $500 onto cards.


  • Enter California’s first theme park with attractions, performances, and engaging experiences.
  • Ride Hangtime, California’s only diving coaster, soars 150 feet above the boardwalk.
  • Take the entire group on family rides like the animated Calico Mine Ride and the Timber Mountain Log Ride.

This ticket includes

  • Admission without lines to Knott’s Berry Farm for one day 
  • Shows and live entertainment

Ticket Price

Visitor TypePrice
Adult ticket (4 years and above)$80
Child ticket (upto 3 years)Free Entry

Additional Information

Additional Information
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A chaperone policy is on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at Knott’s Berry Farm.

This regulation will also be effective throughout all Knott’s Scary Farm event evenings. Additionally, this regulation will be put into effect over the holiday season.

According to the Chaperone Policy:

  • All public park visitors must be accompanied by a chaperone who is at least 21 years old to enter the park. 
  • The chaperone must show a legitimate photo ID with their birthdate. 
  • Five guests aged 17 or younger may accompany one chaperone daily. 
  • Please get in touch with your Group Sales representative if you bought your tickets from our Group Sales division if you want more details.
  • Chaperones must enter the park with their group, stay there the entire time, and be reachable by phone at all times.
  • Guests under 17 discovered in the park alone without a chaperone will be asked to leave. 

Cancellation Policy

Get a full refund if you cancel by 11.59 pm one day before your stay. 

A refundable ticket can be chosen at the checkout. It is not feasible to reschedule this ticket.


Read below some frequently asked questions about Knott’s skip the line tickets.

How much is a Knott’s Berry Farm ticket for one day?

The price of a regular one-day admission ticket to Knott’s Berry Farm at the gate is $100, but if you purchase the ticket online, you get a discount of 20%.

The online ticket price at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, is $80 for adults.

Children aged 3 and under get free entry to the theme park.

What is included in skip the line tickets?

Two things are included in skip the line tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm–

– One-day skip-the-line admission to Knott’s Berry Farm
– Shows and live entertainment

What’s not included in skip the line tickets?

The things not included in the skip the line tickets are–

-Skip-the-line access to the attractions
-Entrance to Knott’s Soak City water park
-Food, drinks, games, and souvenirs

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