Knott’s Berry Farm Rides and Attractions

Knott’s Berry Farm has many exciting rides that are suitable for all members of a family.

The park is small enough to do in a single day yet extensive enough to host a collection of roller coasters that any amusement park would envy.

The park features several thrill rides and coasters, including Xcelerator, GhostRider, HangTime, and Silver Bullet, as well as rides suitable for children, like Timberline Twister, Balloon Race, and Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer, and Huff and Puff.  

Here are some of the most popular Knott’s Berry Farm rides with twists and turns, drops and loops and an abundance of thrill.

Learn and plan with these best rides at Knott’s Berry Farm to optimize your time during your next visit to the park.

Calico Mine Ride

Calico Mine Ride
Image: Knotts.com

This cool ride takes you on a train through an old gold mine, where you’ll see lakes, waterfalls, caves, bubbling pots and geysers. 

This ride at Knott’s Berry Farm is called the Calico Mine, and it’s known for its fantastic animatronics, including both humans and animals. 

You’ll travel through dark tunnels and see spectacular special effects.

On the journey deep into a faux mining excavation site, you will experience the true thrill and dangers of mining.

The minimum height required for Knott’s Berry Farm Calico Mine Ride is 46 inches. A supervising companion must accompany children below 46 (117 cm) inches.

Zone: Ghost Town
Thrill level: Moderate


Image: Coasterpedia.net

Featuring hot rods with brightly colored designs, including yellow and orange flames, candy-apple red, and purple fin-tails, this ’50s-themed roller coaster is decidedly not for the faint-hearted. 

This ride is a launch coaster that can go from 0 to 82 mph (132 km/h) in just 2.3 seconds. 

It takes riders up 20 stories (205 feet) at a 90-degree angle and then drops them straight down on the other side.

This is the fastest ride at Knott’s Berry Farm.

This ride lasts about a minute, is the tallest roller coaster at Knotts Berry Farm and has the second-highest drop in the park.

Nothing at Knott’s is more spectacular than Xcelerator when it comes to thrills. It is considered one of the best Knott’s Berry Farm scary rides.

This ride’s minimum and maximum height is 52 (132 cm) and 78 (198 cm) inches.

Zone: The Boardwalk
Thrill level: Extreme

Timber Mountain Log Ride

Timber Mountain Log Ride
Image: Parkworld-online.com

The Timber Mountain log ride at Knott’s Berry Farm has been around since 1969 and was one of the industry’s first themed log flume rides ever created. It’s still a famous ride today.

This wooden roller coaster is a classic ride that is exciting and nostalgic. It has unbanked turns and ends with a big splashdown finale.

The log ride at Knott’s Berry Farm is very detailed and has a theme that takes you through a lumber mill from the 1800s. 

You’ll see animated characters and scenes, and the ride is surprisingly long.

During the four-minute ride, there are two significant drops, including a 42-foot drop as the final highlight.

With more than 40 audio-animatronics, forest fragrances and an exclusive ride soundtrack, it’s no wonder that Timber Mountain is the most popular attraction at Knott’s Berry Farm.

The minimum height requirement for the ride is 46 inches (117 cm) or 36 (91 cm) inches, accompanied by a supervising companion.

Zone: Ghost Town
Thrill level: Extreme

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider
Image: Latimes.com

Ghost Rider, a wooden roller coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm, opened in 1998 and immediately became a favorite among park visitors.

The coaster, 118 feet tall and almost 5,000 feet long, is the largest, highest and fastest wooden roller coaster on the West Coast. 

This ride takes you on a thrilling journey through a mysterious mine where you’ll board a gold, silver, or copper mining car. 

The ride lasts almost three minutes and reaches up to 56 miles per hour, with lots of moments of weightlessness.

The Ghost Rider in Knott’s Berry Farm attraction begins in Ghost Town. Still, it extends beyond the park’s borders to offer passengers an exciting ride over Grand Avenue and alongside the famous Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant.

The minimum height requirement for the ride is 48 inches (122 cm). 

Note: GhostRider has many sections with extreme over-banking, which can result in strong lateral G-forces. One can say it is the scariest ride at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Zone: Ghost Town
Thrill level: Extreme

Montezooma: The Forbidden Fortress

Image: Twitter.com

This shuttle roller coaster, which used to be called Montezooma’s Revenge, is one of the oldest and most famous rides at Knott’s Berry Farm. 

It has some unique moves you don’t see in newer coaster designs.

This launched coaster starts with a burst of speed, going from 0 to 55 miles per hour (89 km/h) in just 4.5 seconds. 

It has a similar setup to the more extreme Xcelerator ride in the Boardwalk section of the park.

It boasts one of the highest peaks in the park, reaching a height of 148 feet. 

This ride has a complete loop and uses lap bars and restraints. It’s a thrilling experience that every adrenaline junkie will enjoy.

The minimum height requirement for the ride is 48 inches (122 cm). 

Zone: Fiesta Village
Thrill level: Extreme

Pony Express

Pony Express
Image: Rcdb.com

This roller coaster is called Pony Express, named after the famous postal service. The ride vehicle is shaped like a pony, which makes for a unique experience on an ordinary track. It’s a fun ride!

This ride is a family-friendly adventure that’s thrilling but doesn’t have any loops or major drops.

The beginning is the ride’s most thrilling segment, as riders get launched from the gate at a speed of approximately 38 miles per hour in 3 seconds and propelled through twists and turns.

Standing 44 feet tall and offering plenty of thrills, this ride is an excellent choice for testing your tolerance for roller coasters before tackling other more prominent, quicker attractions in the park.

The distinct seating arrangement makes this 36 seconds coaster ride a unique and extraordinary attraction.

The minimum height requirement for the ride is 48 inches (122 cm). 

Zone: Ghost Town 
Thrill level: High

La Revolucion

La Revolucion
Image: Wikipedia.org

Coasters aren’t the only rides at Knott’s Berry Farm that provide thrills. 

La Revolucion is a unique combination of different types of rides found at traditional theme parks; it has a swinging gondola motion similar to the park’s dedicated gondola ride and a spinning motion.

As riders swing back and forth in a pendulum motion, they experience a full 360-degree rotation while soaring to an incredible height of over 6 stories (64 feet) in the air.

The minimum height requirement for the ride is 48 inches (122 cm). 

Zone: Fiesta Village
Thrill level: Extreme

Calico River Rapids

Calico River Rapids
Image: Wikipedia.org

Calico River Rapids is one of Knott’s Berry Farm water rides that take passengers on rafts through turbulent waters, resulting in a soaking experience.

This themed river rafting water experience, once known as BigFoot Rapids, features over 20 animatronic animals and impressive water effects.

Riders are taken to explore new territory through the fringes of Calico on a circular 6-passenger raft.

The ride features rushing waves, fast currents and multiple surprises along the journey, all enhanced by the animatronics and show components that give the experience a narrative.

The retro show scenes look and feel similar to Knott’s log flume and mine rides.

The minimum height requirement for this Knott’s Berry Farm water ride is 46 inches (117 cm). 

Zone: Ghost Town
Thrill level: High

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet
Image: Reddit.com

This two-minute inverted roller coaster ride featuring 6 inversions carries daring riders 146 feet in the air before plunging back down with a 109-foot first drop.

The coaster’s trains hang attached beneath the 3,125 feet (952 m) long steel track near the park’s entrance. 

A 105-foot-tall (32 m) teardrop-shaped (vertical) loop is one of the six inversions of this one of the top rides at Knott’s berry farm. 

Even if you don’t get on the ride, the passengers’ legs dangling from the ski lift-like chairs as they are turned upside down is a unique experience.

The minimum height requirement for the ride is 54 in (137 cm).

Zone: Ghost Town
Thrill level: High


Image: Wikipedia.org

HangTime ride at Knott’s Berry Farm, the first dive coaster in California, features a steeper drop than any other in California.

It is also a Knott’s Berry Farm new ride.

The roller coaster undergoes five inversions that defy gravity and suspensions that occur in midair as it reaches a speed of 57 mph.

This steel infinity coaster is one of the best Knott’s Berry Farm rides transporting riders to the top of a hill that stands 150 feet tall. 

Once at the top, it stops, suspends passengers over the edge for what may seem like an eternity and then releases them into a 96-degree, nearly vertical plunge.

The surf-themed rollercoaster is a striking sight in Knott’s midway, especially at night when lit by an elaborate lighting show.

The minimum height requirement for the ride is 48 inches (122 cm).

Zone: The Boardwalk
Thrill level: Extreme

Calico Railroad

Calico Railroad
Image: Wikipedia.org

An actual 3 feet (1-yard) gauge steam train, the Calico Railroad encircles a huge area of Knott’s Berry Farm. 

The Calico mine ride Knott’s Berry Farm is an authentic Denver and Rio Grande Narrow Gauge train operational during the early 1900s. 

Running at Knott’s since 1952, the train departs from the Calico Square depot for a 5/8-mile journey, and Ghost Town bandits block the train every time it leaves the station.

Fear not; the sheriff and crew will always come through and save the day.

The minimum height requirement for the ride is 46 inches (117 cm). A supervising companion must accompany children below 46 inches.

Zone: Through the park – Wild Wilderness area, the Boardwalk area and Fiesta Village
Thrill level: Low

To check out the respective rides’ height requirements and wait times, go through Knotts’s Berry Farm Ride Height Requirements and Knott’s Berry Farm Ride Wait Time page.

Coast Rider

Coast Rider
Image: Twitter.com

This steel roller coaster offers a wild adventure and speeds reaching up to 37 mph.

With a 52-foot drop, this two-and-a-half-minute ride will take you on a thrilling journey through twists, turns, humps and bumps.

The Ghost Rider is not for the faint of heart, and its reputation as one of the park’s most thrilling attractions is well-deserved. 

The minimum height requirement for Coast Rider Knott’s Berry Farm is 46 inches (117 cm). A supervising companion must accompany children below 54 inches.

Zone: The Boardwalk 
Thrill level: Extreme

Knott’s Berry Farm kid rides

Knott’s Berry Farm kid rides
Image: Momrewritten.com

Apart from all the exhilarating rides, Knott’s Berry Farm also boasts several rides in an area, Camp Snoopy, that are specially designed for kids.

The Knott’s Soak City waterpark also features play areas suitable for small children.

The 13 Knott’s Berry Farm rides for small children, along with height requirements, are:

Balloon Race – A miniature hot air balloon ride that rotates and rises a few inches above the ground with a minimum height requirement of 36 inches.

Beach House Slides – Water activities including interactive water guns, nozzles, faucets and other surprises. A water bucket unloads 500 gallons of water on everyone every five minutes.

Camp Bus – As the name suggests, this ride set in a camp bus rises high for a great adventure at Camp Snoopy and a Woodstock-eye view of the park. The minimum height requirement is 36 inches.

Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer – This ride on yellow flyers will carry you in a circle around a tree. A supervising adult must accompany children who are shorter than 36 inches.

Grand Sierra Railroad – A scaled-down four-minute train ride on a model steam engine, imitating the real one in Ghost Town. The minimum height requirement is 36 inches.

Huff and Puff – A toy mining cart that propels young campers down the track at the pace of their strength. It is one of Knott’s Berry Farm rides for toddlers. There is no minimum height requirement for this ride.

Flying Ace – A World War I aircraft flying adventure ride with a minimum height requirement of 32 inches.

Linus Launcher – This one-of-a-kind attraction is a recreation of a beloved Peanuts episode in which Snoopy steals Linus’ prized blanket and takes him on an adventurous adventure.

Participants lie on the rotating ride flat on their stomachs with their feet dangling off the back. The minimum height requirement is 42 inches. 

Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies – Colorful spinning, bouncing and bumping all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) that move up and down. The minimum height requirement is 36 inches.

Rapid River Run – A rolling excursion aboard a tugboat that raises passengers up to a height of 21 feet and then lowers them. The minimum height requirement is 42 inches.

Rocky Mountain Trucking Company – Another of Knott’s Berry Farm Camp Snoopy rides is the miniature 18-wheeler truck with steering wheels and vibrant Peanuts-themed colors. A supervising adult must accompany children shorter than 36 inches.

Timberline Twister – It’s a roller coaster for kids with all the thrills of dips and twists. The minimum height requirement is 36 inches.

Woodstock’s Airmail –  A much smaller, kid-friendly version of Supreme Scream with all its thrills and drops that isn’t as high or fast. The minimum height requirement is 36 inches.

Dive into a world of thrills and excitement with Knott’s Soak City entrance ticket, granting you access to some of the most thrilling water rides!

Knott’s Berry Farm closed rides

Knott’s Berry Farm closed rides
Image: Wikimedia.org

Knott’s Berry Farm has a rich history of amusement rides, some of which have been forgotten.

Several Knott’s Berry Farm old rides have been closed or renovated into new rides over the long course of the park’s history.

Boomerang inverted shuttle roller coaster, which had a towering height of 125 feet, closed its doors in 2017.

Corkscrew, a steel roller coaster with two corkscrew inversions, closed in 1989. 

Kingdom of the Dinosaurs was a famous Knott’s Berry Farm dinosaur ride that closed in 2004.

Knott’s Lagoon was once a popular attraction featuring a carousel, duck pond, side-wheel riverboat, rowboat rental, and miniature train ride, but it closed in 1983 to make way for new developments. 

The Bigfoot Rapids ride was transformed into the Calico River Rapids in 2018, offering a fresh take on the classic water ride.

The Sky Jump closed in 1999, was a parachute ride Knott’s Berry Farm used to feature, allowing visitors to experience a free fall from over 15 stories in the air.

Sky Cabin is a new, similarly shaped Knott’s Berry Farm attraction that provides a 360-degree view of the park. 


Below are some frequently asked questions about Knott’s Berry Farm attractions.

How many rides are at Knott’s Berry Farm?

Knott’s Berry Farm boasts a collection of over 40 rides, which include roller coasters, family-friendly rides, kid rides, dark rides and water-based attractions.

How long is Hangtime at Knott’s Berry Farm?

The 2,198 feet (670 m) long steel infinity roller coaster, Hangtime, lasts around two and a half minutes. 

What are all the rides in Knott’s Berry Farm?

The current all Knott’s Berry Farm rides open are mentioned on the park’s official website. 

What is Knott’s scariest ride?

With an 82 mph launch speed and a 90-degree drop, the Xcelerator is considered one of the scariest rides at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Other rides, including Silver Bullet, La Revolucion and Ghost Rider, are also other Knott’s Berry Farm scary rides.

What is the safest ride at Knott’s?

Jaguar!, with a maximum speed of 35 mph and gentle drops, is a safer alternative for those scared of high-speed roller coasters and rides. 

The Timberline Twister, one of Knott’s Berry Farm Camp Snoopy rides, is another safe ride for kids and adults.

Is Knotts scarier than Six Flags?

The overall scariness depends on personal preference. Knott’s Berry Farm features several scary rides, such as the Xcelerator, but it has plenty of family-friendly options. 

Six Flags Magic Mountain, on the other hand, known for its thrill rides, has more roller coasters than Knott’s Berry Farm or any other theme park on the planet and other high-adrenaline rides.

What park has the scariest rides?

Knott’s Berry Farm, with its exhilarating rides, has some fast, long and tall roller coasters, including the largest wooden roller coaster on the West Coast.

What is the #1 scariest ride in the world?

Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey, is the scariest ride in the world.

Given its height and speed, it might also qualify as the world’s most terrifying roller coaster. 

Riders rush down the track at 128 mph after reaching a height of 456 feet (almost 45 stories) in just 3.5 seconds.

Featured Image: Lonelyplanet.com

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